Our new trading fee policy


Dear client,

Benjamin Franklin once said, that the only certainties in life are taxes and death. We don’t know how to avoid death yet, but if taxes translate to fees, we would like to introduce you to a way, how to avoid these on CoinMate. Since 2015, we have been offering fixed Maker/Taker fees and their lower version for the most active traders. That is about to change just tonight. We are not only providing smoother differentiation on lower fees depending on your monthly trading volume, but also introducing “negative fees” up to -0.08% on Maker orders. Lowering fees depending on the trading volume is becoming more common these days, but we decided to push it to the next level and actually honour our best traders by not only reducing the trading fees, but also rewarding Maker orders. If you are into trading, you are certainly also into numbers, so we are going to give you some, for sure. You can check out our new fees


Up to now, the standard fees were pretty competitive on CoinMate, compared to other exchanges operating on European market.


Standard fee comparison

Coinmate 0.25% 0.12%
Kraken 0.26% 0.16%
GDAX 0.30% 0.00%
Bitstamp 0.25% 0.25%


And as we announced before, we are pushing these as so, that in high trading volumes, you can get not only to zero, but further. Once your 30 days trading turnover flips over 3,000,000 EUR, we will provide you with a 0.06% Taker and  – 0.05% Maker fee. So yes, we will actually benefit you by returning the fee for your Maker trades. And yes, we did our homework also in that field, so here you can see where can you get with the same or similar volumes on the other exchanges.


Fee comparison on 3,000,000 EUR monthly turnover trading volume

Coinmate 0.06% – 0.05%
Kraken 0.14% 0.04%
GDAX 0.30% 0.00%
Bitstamp 0.12% 0.12%


Of course it also gets little bit better on the mentioned exchanges when you trade in ten times higher volumes, but never as good as on CoinMate and not even close on 3,000,000 EUR turnover.

I bet you also wonder, what are the fees in-between the standard and the lowest ones, you can find the whole list on our website


We hope that we made your day with this wonderful news, it made ours, as we are happy to push our service even further with every next step.


Stay tuned for more good news to come and feel free to spread the word.


Your Coinmate.io team